Steph Marion

In Loving Memory; P.S. I Miss You

Everyone experiences loss. How they treat the loss and grief is different per person. Some scream and yell at the lost one’s grave stone, others cry over old pictures, and few others smile as they find little things that remind them of those they lost. And fewer still enjoy the things their loved ones made and cherish the little pieces they have left.

Coming from a family of crafters has allowed me to hold on to the things they made long after they left this world, but as an artist, I found that making new pieces to keep hold of their memory are just as important. Whether it be incorporating their favorite color into a painting or making their spirit animal into a figurine or simpler yet, using the mediums they loved in their life to create new work, it has helped me hold onto what little memories I have of those I have lost.

My great grandmother Irene and her sister Elinor, my Nana and her husband Richard, my grandmother Denise, and Grandpa Keegan are just a few of those I have lost that I hold their memories dearest to me, despite not having very many memories of them all. Each of them had something I knew them best for and for this show, I am incorporating those concepts into art to remember them by.

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