Sonya Rousseau

Donuts, Pączki, Beignets

Finding structure and avoiding chaos is a challenge when experimenting with clay, glazes, and firing. However, these challenges are what drives my artistic process and encourages me to push myself creatively. My work is inspired by the French and Polish cultures I grew up with, and the rave culture I choose to be a part of. My practice allows me to dive deep to find what was or wasn’t hiding in the visceral experiences I have had. These ceramic sculptures are glazed with phosphorescent enamels that only react under UV light. They require this light to trigger them to glow and for it to linger if there is no light present. I see these colorful donuts as an abstract self-portrait. They represent who I was, who I am, and who I will be. The form of donuts is infinite; it represents how I see energy is transformed- or recycled into new energy which, may appear the same but have a different influence. Energy is around us and can transform whether we notice it or not- do we ignore this shift or embrace it?

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