Sienna Langone

In Death’s Den

Life and death is one in the same— one cycle cannot exist without the other. Our lives are simply wandering the middle veil between birth and death, to return to the ground and start anew in our next life. My work seeks to capture the fragility of life and our own morality. The contrast of light and dark shows beautiful nature of this cycle, tying together ethereal figures with decomposing earth and fauna. The figures are alive, but appear in a state of slumber- teasing death. The practice of placing the flowers on the canvas is not only to further tie together life and death, but to also mourn. My paintings are all very deep representations of my emotions and feelings, and have often helped me through very difficult transitions in my life. Placing each flower helps me pay respect to how I felt in that moment, and knowing I was able to get through- a moment for my next chapter of growth and moving forward. Each piece contrasts the beautiful and grotesque, the macabre and ethereal…a moment of being put to rest— and a reminder of death

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