Sarah Patnaude

The Comfort of Cats

My creative expression in this series conveys the love and care I receive from my cats through mediums that I enjoy and find comforting. I’m interested in finding different ways to express the cats’ language and emotion as well as our relationship through oil painting and fiber arts. I love when my work is enjoyed and appreciated not only for the design elements and composition but even more because it expresses the loving connection I have with my cats. People relate to my paintings because it makes them connect with the love they feel for their animal companions.

My multilayered process begins by selecting an interesting subject; not merely to express creatively, but a meaningful subject that I can connect with and grow understanding. After researching the subject matter I begin to think about what story I want my work to tell. With this series of paintings and pillows, photography was an important first step in this process. I captured and then selected images that I felt represented my relationship with my cats, as well as their expressions and language. The photographs also gave me multiple perspectives which helped to guide the composition and size of each piece. From there I did preliminary sketches based on the edited photos. Following that planning process, to give myself a direction, I started the underpaintings on each canvas and did pencil outlines on the pillows’ fabric. In my pillows, I explored a variety of different floss textures as well as the impact that different sizes of stitches have. The textures and stitches represent the paradox of emotional tension and ease found within a cat.

Ultimately, I create art for myself. From a viewer’s perspective, I want people to relate to my art, and connect with my subject and the stories in my paintings and pillows.

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