Rose Gibney

The men I've known

As a painter I have but one interest: to focus on the physical and emotional relationships that have impacted my life. When painting, like the many great masters before me, the human form is everything I need. In paying attention to the tones of the flesh, the curves of the body, the memory of touch, and the emotional ties I have to the model, I'm trying to hold onto a moment of perception. Through the action of painting, I am transported back in time. My heart rate quickens as emotional and sometimes raw interactions play through my mind’s eye. What is my subconscious mind striving for me to gain from this looping of highly charged images? What does my need for brief interconnectedness mean about me? The intimate process of painting my lovers' faces and bodies also represent the concept of public versus private, and I present these segments of my most intimate memory to unpack my feelings. By way of my work I seek to accentuate and contextualize my own emotional growth. Through interconnections, even fleeting interconnections, my desires, needs, strengths and weaknesses have mirrored back to me in my partners’ eyes. I now see the purpose and importance of each individual, each marker on my path, as part of my story.

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