Leo Jupiter Carbonneau

Envi Cosmetics

Envi Cosmetics is an environmentally sustainable makeup brand I created to tackle packaging waste in the beauty industry. My goal was to create waste free biodegradable packaging that was eye-catching and attractive to the consumer. My packaging is designed to be made from sustainably grown hemp. Hemp can be made into almost anything including alternatives to paper, plastic, and cardboard, so all of my packages are able to be made this way. With this alternative material in mind, I designed my brand to reflect the natural and yet sophisticated feeling I want consumers to have if they were to use these products. I designed my logo using a serif font with heavily contrasted line widths and many rounded edges to reflect the many shapes of the natural world. The secondary font used is a sans serif with large curves for a natural yet clean feeling. The leaf design applies the same clean look to an organic shape so it’s able to highlight both sides of my brand when used as a sublogo.

My packages are designed using macro photographs of natural ingredients including leaves, flowers, and bark. The photographs are meant to remind the consumer that the product they would be holding is a natural mixture held in a plant based container and that both will biodegrade and feed new life. Each photograph is chosen to reflect the contents of the container. A tulip petal for tulip chapstick, a honeycomb for honey based lip scrub, and more. This keeps consumers connected to the ingredients inside and out. The packaging also represents the ethical values of my company: sustainable, plant based biodegradable, non toxic, cruelty free, and organic. These values make up the foundation my company would be based on and all of my designs are made to reflect this.

I designed a visual language for my company values so they can be easily represented across multiple platforms and medias. Each icon represents a core value. These icons are used in various places including my website designs. Core value icons as well as other indicators are used on product pages so consumers can easily tell if their product is vegan, gluten free, etc. They fit easily into the simple and clean layout of my website. I kept my website design clean so that it’s fully accessible and easy for anyone to use. I used my brand colors as well as some natural secondary colors to keep the environmental feel of my brand.

Contact the artist at: leojupiterartanddesign@gmail.com

See more at: leojupiterartanddesign.com


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