Leah Shea

My Whimsical Lens

When creating this body of work I was inspired by music, emotion, and art on common objects. Music is my biggest inspiration for creativity and I knew that I wanted to create band posters for my show. My Ryan Adams record was based off of the poster that I created and I delved into the emotion behind the artist and the music when creating these pieces. I wanted to highlight the themes in his music of sorrow, loneliness, and addiction but contrast it with my lighthearted, whimsical style. My beer labels focused less on emotion and more on the fun aspect of creating a piece of art that’s purpose is to be held in someone’s hand. I am inspired by the art on craft beer cans and I wanted to put my work and hand lettering into that format. 

Contact the artist for sales and questions at: leah.shea79@gmail.com

See more at: https://leahshea79.wixsite.com/mysite


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