Kristen Rooney 

My work explores the softness and elegance of the female figure. When painting, I think of intentional delicacy and tenderness within moments of solitude. The local color of the figure is almost irrelevant to me; I explore the relationship between varying color temperatures of skin in shadow and highlight, pushing the undertones until they no longer resemble a highly realistic rendering of skin tone. In these quiet moments that I aim to capture in paint, the figure is comfortable, vulnerable with themselves, with no one but the self to be present with. The feminine is an authority on softness, on beauty and grace embodied and amplified. These smaller studies on glass imbue the simplicity of these select moments, void of distractions in background or otherwise that would subtract from the figure. The glass serves as a metaphor for a vulnerable state, where the figure is even more exposed. The delicate nature of the glass interacts with the figure in a way that reinforces the simultaneous vulnerability and strength of femininity.

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