Kodi Davis 
Venom Construction 

For my senior capstone, I really wanted to provide a refreshed look for a small business. From my experiences so far, I have found that I like working with small businesses more so than larger corporations. Working with a small business lets you have more of a relationship with the owner and any employees, it also allows the designer to have a bigger impact on someone’s livelihood. This being said, it is one of the main reasons why I decided that helping rebrand and revamp a small local business is what I wanted to do for my senior capstone. Using the resources and the knowledge that I have gained to help make a positive impact on someone’s life. This is my attempt to help by creating better branding and providing some other, more professional, marketing materials for a company. The company I decided to work with hits close to home, as it is my father’s company Venom Construction. I chose his company because it was an excellent chance to put what I’ve learned to the test and see what I could accomplish as well as helping out and working with my dad. Going into this I was aware that there would be more than a few challenges, the main challenge was that he wanted a spider incorporated into his logo design and other branding. The reason this was a challenge is because it is difficult to include a spider without making it creepy and off-putting to his potential customers, since most people aren’t huge fans of spiders. Another challenge that I was faced with is the name of the company, Venom Construction, while it has the actual word construction in it, it still doesn’t scream construction company. My way of overcoming this was by creating materials and a logo mark that did convey that it is a construction company. What makes this project special to me is that I had the opportunity to work on the brand of the company my dad built himself, I feel that while I am not one who wants to work in construction per say, this was the perfect opportunity to work with my dad. It is also great that I got to create an entirely new look for a company and not just by creating additional materials, this was an entire revamp. Lastly, I am very happy that I got the chance to help a real, small local business in the community have a more professional image for their company.

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