Keira Curtis 

The purpose of this project is to laugh. To see cultural references in a completely new light, all in the form of avocados. Throughout our lives, it is so easy to get absorbed into the negativity and forget what it means to be happy and how to make the most of the little moments.

Since I started drawing my avocado people, I used them to cope with my own experiences and give myself something to laugh about. It was a way to forget the world for a moment and make it into something completely ridiculous. I found by doing so, it made it easier to see the world in a different light. It was a way to find hope, but also created a want to make it better and look at things from a new perspective. 

I hope to explore and create this opportunity for others through my avocado project. I want them to look at these pieces and enjoy them for what they are, avocado puns, but also give someone something to think about. Inspire them to come up with their own ideas or avocado puns. Inspire them to laugh.

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