Isabelle R. Rousseau


The current work of Isabelle Rousseau is a comic series called Metanoia. Metanoia is an adult post-apocalyptic fantasy graphic novel that follows earths last hope. This hope takes the form of a mute demon-human hybrid that transforms into an angel when killed. This comic covers themes of coping with loneliness, loss, and trauma.

It is inspired by the ongoing worldwide pandemic and the authors personal struggles with their own mental health issues brought on by their developmental disability. Her motivation for creating art centers around the idea of offering an opportunity for people to mentally escape. Offering people the comfort of comics has been extremely fulfilling for her. To see someone smile or laugh in response to something they created would bring them joy. Another goal is spreading neurodiversity acceptance through comics that feature characters with developmental disabilities.

The work is approached almost completely traditionally and is inked by hand in black and white. Any speech balloons, and the text within them, are done using digital applications. Metanoia’s appearance is inspired by manga, anime, and the Adult Swim television cartoon Primal. The artist herself is inspired by work from Edward Gorey, Francis Picabia, and Jamie Hewlett. She appreciates the inking styles of Gorey and Hewlett, while admiring Picabia for his vast range of styles.

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