Indira Bukva

Indira Bukva is a Bosnian-American illustrator and designer who arrived in America as a child and currently resides in the Gulf Coast of Florida. She has lived in the United States for almost two decades now and is well traveled across the U.S and Balkans. Her multicultural upbringing delivers proficient communication skills that translate past language, but also into creative visual and design skills. As a creative, Indira works across multifaceted media but specialize in areas of surface pattern, branding, and editorial illustration/design, as well as web/app design. Her inspiration is derived from her admiration of the tropical climate where she resides, as well as the colorful vegetation and unique wildlife she is surrounded by. This particular series is the debut of her new brand, "Indira Bukva Art & Design" where she focuses on textile and surface pattern across a multi faceted set of surfaces. The Safari Jungle series is designed to deliver a touch of cheerful brightness and animal fun to any surface!

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