Erol Pierce

Messages from Home

‘Home’ to me is every advisable significant saying passed around, yet I don’t believe there is a true way to express the difficulty of emotions and tension that ways on the average individual of everyday life. When I think of home I want to believe that everything is normal, that each day moves on without any trouble. But all of the memories are strung up and flying away turning in to common household phrases that hold it all together. My work focuses on the bindings between structures and how the movement of floating houses can fluctuate, rather than the importance of the variety of each separate object. These works are the start of my journey as an artist, shifting towards the complexities of modern topics. With variations in the interpretation of what ‘Home’ is defined as to someone. There are so many defining characteristics, singling out few key examples shrinks the overall concept to only be focused on those topics. Exploring those ideas, I am focused on relating subjects of memory. Things that define the space of a ‘Home’ as its own sense of character can evolve, allowing for each represented structure within the work to be the perspective of how family members interact both physically and metaphorically.   

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