Emily V. Keefe
What We Don't Like to Think About

We often find that our dreariest and most uncomforting thoughts come out at night, just before going to bed. We lie awake, anxiously eyeing the closet or the corner of the room looking for boogeymen that lurk just out of sight. Scared. That’s what most people feel in those moments. You’re by yourself and your mind, what you thought you could control, has let loose all the darkness you didn’t think you’d have to meet. I, personally, find these ideas intriguing, even whimsical at times. To confront the most irrational and unsettling of thoughts with wonder may seem strange, but that’s the fun of it. It is strange. Rather than keeping these images out of our minds, I want to pull them from the depths of the subconscious and render them in a way that both unnerves and provokes.

In my show, “What We Don’t Like to Think About,” I explore the ideas of scary stories and creepy imagery, and how each works on its own and paired together. Often, it takes only a well thought out story to scare most, but what would happen if you paired it with an image? When recounting a story, we must make up the imagery in our minds and thus render it how we want to. Often, people can’t confront a written story’s monster and thus cannot connect to it’s creepiness. When an illustration is added, the story is brought up a level and can better integrate into a reader’s mind the sheer uncomfortableness the writing really speaks about. Through countless hours of writing and drawing, I have created a show of both inviting oddness and distressing creepiness that will connect with all viewers and allow them to partake in the whimsical world of eeriness.

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