Dani Schmidt 

This entire body of work stems from my handmade India Ink and watercolor paintings of botanicals, plants and wildlife. My goal in making these works was to come up with a line of products to offer in my e-store, under my own brand, that have my patterns printed on them as well as fine art prints of my larger birds of prey illustrations. All of my work touches on natural and organic themes, but with this body of work I wanted to make something that inspired the feeling of magic and wonder that nature gives me. Whether it be looking at plants, insects, or powerful and majestic birds of prey, a huge sense of awe washes over me. I have been experimenting with pattern making for the past year and I wanted to merge my love of ink painting with surface design. I wanted to make something that I would personally wear or purchase in a store if I saw it while shopping. To make the patterns, I started with painting “assets” or individual pieces that I then scanned into my computer at high resolution, and then digitally adjusted and designed into patterns. “Peony Bouquet” and “Luna Lady” are a couple of the original paintings that I created and used in “Pink Peony Perfection” and “Luna Dream”. I also made other assets that are all visible in the patterns, that were much smaller individual spot illustrations. As for the birds of prey paintings, I wanted to create a mini-series to turn into fine art posters that are available for sale on my website; making my more detailed and narrative work accessible to purchase for most fans of my work. These paintings are all created traditionally, on high quality watercolor paper, with mostly India Ink and gel pen. I also sometimes include watercolor depending on the individual piece, but with my process of heavy layering of the inks, I enjoy how the inks are permanent when I put them on paper. I slowly build up value over time, which is what gives those works such depth and texture.

Contact the artist for sales and questions at: myrandomcat@gmail.com

See more at: www.danischmidtart.com 


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