Beatrice Moss

Paint, like all ways of interpreting the world, is imperfect. Representational paintings are but an illusion that tricks the mind into seeing something it does not. Like the mind, the hand of a painter can choose to obscure, or highlight certain details, and even delete or fabricate people, places, objects, and light. I have chosen to utilize these subjective and biased qualities of painting in an attempt to bring awareness to our own imperfect and imagined realities.

The images I make are cobbled together from a variety of references so that they, when seemingly depicting a certain reality, also question whether it’s from our own memory or merely reminiscent of a more ubiquitous landscape. Each of my paintings have a specific colure palette, which is meant to capture a particular timeless ambiguity. Ethereal in nature, and somewhat like a poetic expression, the light and hazy colors give the illusion of a veil obscuring the landscape, and the paintings themselves, like an allegorical state of mind, are deliberately set within the larger frame to move the scene even further back, as yet another reminder of the invisible boundaries of our mind that prevent us from living deeply in the moment.

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