Andrew N. Dow

Provocative Moments in Recent United States History

My exhibition is art I painted and printed while attending New England College. My intent is to provoke and stimulate meaningful dialogue by depicting images directly from our nation’s headlines of pieces of my own making I feel are related to the overall theme. I have chosen watercolor as my main form of media. I used my influences of Winslow Homer and Claude Monet as inspiration for my painting technique. My direction was to create large paintings that viewed close up resemble almost an abstract quality and as the viewer backs away, they transition from abstract to impressionistic and then become an almost naturalistic esthetic. I chose vivid colors because quite honestly, I am a veteran who suffers from the effects of TBI I sustained in Iraq during the war. Vivid colors tickle my senses and I gravitate towards them.

I found my time at NEC very rewarding in my pursuit of bettering my skills at drawing and painting. I have to credit Eileen Greene for my skills in watercolor painting. She took the time to teach me how to do it. I also must include the field trips to the Boston Museum of Fine Art.  My vision isn’t so great and that forced me to get close to pieces to view texture and techniques of application. The basis from my painting technique came from all my teachers. I look at an image or subject and with a graphite pencil draw all the shapes I see. I then mask out all the light hues and paint the darker ones. Once I fill in all the shapes, I remove the mask and fill in the light hues. Blending comes lastly when I do all the fine touches and details.

My subject matter comes from my fascination with history. Political history in particular has been front and centers as has the tragedy of racism in our country. I like to watch all the news channels from all spectrums of the political makeup of our country. I look for events that trigger emotional responses, good, bad or indifferent. I chose to take these from the headlines and with painting them in my style but staying as close to the original art as possible.

The four paintings I included from other photographers are labeled with credit to the photographers and Getty Images. The other three are from my own photography. I included one silk screen print I did in Printing 1 class as my final project. Trump in Peach. It was a caricature of a photo I took at a rally I attended when he was a candidate. I have received an award for Art and Civic Engagement from NEC. This was due to an internship I did with Access Nashua. I was given press credentials. I have filmed and photographed every candidate running for POTUS for the last two election cycles. I did a painting about the pandemic, and a rooster. I’ll leave it up to the viewer to see the connection.

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