Alex Goodman 


There’s an estimated half of all patients who have issues regarding medical directives, says one doctor at the UVM Medical Center. This project’s goals is to reduce that percentage, and help patients know the work that they need to do. One of the main challenges with this project is that no two hospitals are alike. While many use Epic’s MyChart for much of the backend, there are still no real graphic standards outside of that. Many medical practitioners have tried to help patients remember directives. I believe a large part of that is simply the graphic design used. Another issue is the legal requirements for each summary. Through the Affordable Care Act, hospitals have information that’s legally required but may not be imperative to include for every patient all the time, i.e. an allergy list. This information can be reduced and moved down in the document’s visual hierarchy. This has inspired my work with SmartSumm.

SmartSumm is a combination of Mad-Libs, Cascading Style Sheets, and medical information translated for the layman. My work is designing a set of graphic standards, user interface layouts, pictograms, and sample documents. The final product is something that can be plugged into any existing records system, a template to be used as a basis for a records redesign. A doctor can use SmartSumm to create a post-visit summary that’s easier to read for the patient. Typography hierarchy is changed, language rearranged, pictograms added, and document layout is reorganized based on priority. This all makes a simpler reading experience for the patient.

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